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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package vsync
import (
Test setup:
iSt.updObjects contains oids: x, y, z, d
x, y, z are data keys ("r")
d is a collection perms key ("c")
z is not under conflict.
x, y and d should get resolved based on timestamp
z will be skipped as it is not under conflict.
var (
updObjectsLastWins = map[string]*objConflictState{
x: createObjConflictState(true /*isConflict*/, true /*hasLocal*/, true /*hasRemote*/, true /*hasAncestor*/),
y: createObjConflictState(true /*isConflict*/, true /*hasLocal*/, true /*hasRemote*/, true /*hasAncestor*/),
z: createObjConflictState(false /*isConflict*/, true /*hasLocal*/, true /*hasRemote*/, false /*hasAncestor*/),
d: createObjConflictState(true /*isConflict*/, true /*hasLocal*/, true /*hasRemote*/, true /*hasAncestor*/),
func createAndSaveNodeAndLogRecData(iSt *initiationState) {
saveNodeAndLogRec(iSt.tx, x, updObjectsLastWins[x].oldHead, 24, false)
saveNodeAndLogRec(iSt.tx, x, updObjectsLastWins[x].newHead, 25, false)
saveNodeAndLogRec(iSt.tx, y, updObjectsLastWins[y].oldHead, 56, false)
saveNodeAndLogRec(iSt.tx, y, updObjectsLastWins[y].newHead, 23, false)
saveNodeAndLogRec(iSt.tx, z, updObjectsLastWins[z].newHead, 12, false)
saveNodeAndLogRec(iSt.tx, d, updObjectsLastWins[d].oldHead, 24, false)
saveNodeAndLogRec(iSt.tx, d, updObjectsLastWins[d].newHead, 24, false)
func TestLastWinsResolveViaTimestamp(t *testing.T) {
service := createService(t)
defer destroyService(t, service)
iSt := &initiationState{updObjects: updObjectsLastWins, tx: createDatabase(t, service).St().NewWatchableTransaction()}
if err := iSt.resolveViaTimestamp(nil, updObjectsLastWins); err != nil {
t.Errorf("resolveViaTimestamp failed with error: %v", err)
func verifyUpdObjectsResolution(t *testing.T) {
verifyResolution(t, updObjectsLastWins, x, pickRemote)
verifyResolution(t, updObjectsLastWins, y, pickLocal)
if updObjectsLastWins[z].res != nil {
t.Errorf("oid z should have been skipped")
if updObjectsLastWins[d].oldHead > updObjectsLastWins[d].newHead {
verifyResolution(t, updObjectsLastWins, d, pickLocal)
} else {
verifyResolution(t, updObjectsLastWins, d, pickRemote)
verifyBatchId(t, updObjectsLastWins, NoBatchId, x, y, d)