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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package vsync
import (
// syncer wakes up every peerSyncInterval to do work: (1) Refresh memberView if
// needed and pick a peer from all the known remote peers to sync with. (2) Act
// as an initiator and sync syncgroup metadata for all common syncgroups with
// the chosen peer (getting updates from the remote peer, detecting and
// resolving conflicts). (3) Act as an initiator and sync data corresponding to
// all common syncgroups across all Databases with the chosen peer. (4) Fetch
// any queued blobs. (5) Transfer ownership of blobs if needed. (6) Act as a
// syncgroup publisher to publish pending syncgroups. (6) Garbage collect older
// generations.
// TODO(hpucha): Currently only does initiation. Add rest.
func (s *syncService) syncer(ctx *context.T) {
defer s.pending.Done()
ticker := time.NewTicker(peerSyncInterval)
defer ticker.Stop()
for !s.isClosed() {
select {
case <-ticker.C:
if s.isClosed() {
case <-s.closed:
vlog.VI(1).Info("sync: syncer: channel closed, stop work and exit")
func (s *syncService) syncerWork(ctx *context.T) {
// TODO(hpucha): Cut a gen for the responder even if there is no
// one to initiate to?
// Do work.
attemptTs := time.Now()
// TODO(hpucha): Change the peer passed into initiator and clock to be
// just one name since we now have a parallel ping stage.
peer, err :=
if err != nil {
err = s.syncVClock(ctx, peer)
// Abort syncing if there is a connection error with peer.
if verror.ErrorID(err) != interfaces.ErrConnFail.ID {
err = s.getDeltasFromPeer(ctx, peer)
}, peer, attemptTs, verror.ErrorID(err) == interfaces.ErrConnFail.ID)