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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// This file defines the SystemClock interface as well as two implementations of
// this interface, realSystemClock and fakeSystemClock.
package vclock
import (
// SystemClock provides access to system clock data.
type SystemClock interface {
// Now returns the system's notion of current UTC time (which may be off).
Now() time.Time
// ElapsedTime returns the time elapsed since this device booted.
ElapsedTime() (time.Duration, error)
// realSystemClock
type realSystemClock struct{}
var _ SystemClock = (*realSystemClock)(nil)
func (*realSystemClock) Now() time.Time {
return time.Now().UTC()
func newRealSystemClock() SystemClock {
return &realSystemClock{}
// fakeSystemClock
// Note, fakeSystemClock assumes the real system clock time is never changed.
// This assumption is reasonable because fakeSystemClock is meant only for
// testing.
type fakeSystemClock struct {
realClock SystemClock
initRealNow time.Time
initNow time.Time
initElapsed time.Duration
var _ SystemClock = (*fakeSystemClock)(nil)
func (c *fakeSystemClock) Now() time.Time {
return c.initNow.Add(c.realElapsed())
func (c *fakeSystemClock) ElapsedTime() (time.Duration, error) {
return time.Duration(c.initElapsed + c.realElapsed()), nil
func (c *fakeSystemClock) realElapsed() time.Duration {
// See comment above. We assume the real system clock time is never changed.
return c.realClock.Now().Sub(c.initRealNow)
func newFakeSystemClock(now time.Time, elapsed time.Duration) SystemClock {
realClock := newRealSystemClock()
return &fakeSystemClock{
realClock: realClock,
initRealNow: realClock.Now(),
initNow: now,
initElapsed: elapsed,