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This project exposes Syncbase as a Mojo service.

Read the architecture proposal.

Initial Mojo setup

You must have the Mojo repo in $MOJO_DIR.

This section only needs to be run once.

See the Mojo readme for more comprehensive instructions.

Install Mojo prereqs

  1. Install depot tools.

  2. Install Goma.

  3. Put the following in your .bashrc:

     # NOTE: Actual locations depend on where you installed depot_tools and
     # goma.
     export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/dev/depot_tools
     export GOMA_DIR=${HOME}/goma
     export MOJO_DIR=${HOME}/mojo

Download Mojo repo

$ mkdir $MOJO_DIR && cd $MOJO_DIR

# NOTE: This step takes about 10 min.
$ fetch mojo --target_os=android,linux

# NOTE: This step also takes about 10 min.  Furthermore, the script uses
# 'sudo', so you will need to enter your password.
$ cd src && ./build/

# Or, to include Android deps as well:
$ cd src && ./build/

Update Mojo and compile resources

This updates the Mojo repo to HEAD, and builds the Mojo resources needed to compile Syncbase.

Run this while you grab your morning coffee.

  1. Start by updating the repo.

     $ cd $MOJO_DIR/src
     $ git checkout master
     $ git pull
     $ gclient sync
  2. Compile for Linux. Built resources will be in $MOJO_DIR/src/out/Debug

     $ ./mojo/tools/ gn
     $ ./mojo/tools/ build # NOTE: This can take up to 10 minutes.
  3. Compile for Android. Built resources will be in $MOJO_DIR/src/out/android_Debug

     $ ./mojo/tools/ gn --android
     $ ./mojo/tools/ build --android # NOTE: This can take up to 10 minutes.

Install Dart SDK

To run Dart apps, you must install the Dart SDK.

Googlers: http://go/install-dart External:


Run the tests:

make test

This will run all tests listed in the tests file in the root directory of this repo.

The following command will run a single test file. This is useful when the full test suite hangs with no output.

$(MOJO_DIR)/src/mojo/devtools/common/mojo_run -v --enable-multiprocess --shell-path $(MOJO_DIR)/src/out/Debug/mojo_shell test/integration/<filename>