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Mojo + v23 RPCs

This repository implements the proposal outlined here that enables communication between Mojo applications on different devices.


You must have the jiri tool installed with the base and mojo v23-profiles.

To update v23proxy to the latest version of mojo, you will need to also have the mojodev profile.

Quick start

You must always make build first. (The Makefile is not very good currently.)

  • For desktop: make build
  • For android: ANDROID=1 make build

The commands above build the .mojo shared library that can be run by mojo shells. For example:

  • make start-v23proxy
  • HOME=/tmp make ARGS="{see Makefile}" start-echo-client

You can also run these with Android devices. Use an ANDROID={N} prefix to run on the Nth Android device connected to your machine. N must be a positive integer.

Note: To run these examples, the devices used must run mojo_shell on the same local network.

Updating v23proxy to the latest version of mojo

Prefix all commands with USE_MOJO_DEV_PROFILE=1 in order to run with the mojodev profile instead of mojo.