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Example for UI distribution (casting)

This project demonstrates simple UI distribution across multiple devices. At this time, only unidirectional unicast is supported.


To build this project:

  • Create a file with these entries:
    • sdk.dir=[path to the Android SDK]
    • flutter.sdk=[path to the Flutter SDK]

TODO(rosswang): Finalize build instructions after VDL generation works properly.


This example uses [Vanadium RPC] ( for communication and [global mount table globbing] ( for discovery.

Vanadium has a global discovery facility, but that is not currently surfaced in Java or Flutter/Dart. At present, all Vanadium usage is surfaced through Java, to Flutter as HostMessages.

This is based on the [hello_services] ( Flutter example.

Known issues

  • - To generate VDL, you must uncomment the pertinent sections of the app build.gradle. The build will fail, but it will generate the needed VDL. Then, recomment them and the normal build will succeed.
  • The app crashes after a while; seems to be in the Flutter internals.
  • The app will not start properly after first seeking blessings; restart the app.