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// Copyright 2016 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'key_provider.dart';
import 'android.dart';
class Device implements GroupKeyProvider {
String groupKey
}) {
this._groupKey = groupKey;
Map<String, String> properties;
String _groupKey;
String get id => properties['device-id'];
String get modelName => properties['model-name'];
String get screenSize => properties['screen-size'];
String get osVersion => properties['os-version'];
String get apiLevel => properties['api-level'];
/// default to 'device-id'
String groupKey() {
return properties[_groupKey ?? 'device-id'];
String toString()
=> '<device-id: $id, model-name: $modelName, screen-size: $screenSize, '
'os-version: $osVersion, api-level: $apiLevel>';
Future<List<Device>> getDevices({String groupKey}) async {
List<Device> devices = <Device>[];
await _getDeviceIDs().then((List<String> ids) async {
for(String id in ids) {
devices.add(await _collectDeviceProps(id, groupKey: groupKey));
return devices;
/// Run "flutter devices -v" to collect device ids from the output
Future<List<String>> _getDeviceIDs() async {
List<String> deviceIDs = <String>[];
Process process = await Process.start('flutter', ['devices', '-v']);
Stream lineStream = process.stdout
.transform(new Utf8Decoder())
.transform(new LineSplitter());
bool startReading = false;
RegExp startPattern = new RegExp(r'\d+ connected device|No devices detected');
RegExp deviceIDPattern = new RegExp(r'\d+ ms •.*•\s+(\S+)\s+•.*');
RegExp stopPattern = new RegExp(r"'flutter devices' took \d+ms; exiting with code");
await for (var line in lineStream) {
if (!startReading && startPattern.hasMatch(line.toString())) {
startReading = true;
if (stopPattern.hasMatch(line.toString()))
if (startReading) {
Match idMatch = deviceIDPattern.firstMatch(line.toString());
if (idMatch != null) {
String deviceID =;
return deviceIDs;
Future<Device> _collectDeviceProps(String deviceID, {String groupKey}) async {
return new Device(
properties: <String, String> {
'device-id': deviceID,
'model-name': await getProperty(deviceID, 'ro.product.model'),
'os-version': await getProperty(deviceID, ''),
'api-level': await getProperty(deviceID, ''),
'screen-size': await getScreenSize(deviceID)
groupKey: groupKey