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Travel Planner

An example travel planner using Vanadium.


If you have a $JIRI_ROOT setup you can install Node.js from $JIRI_ROOT/third_party by running:

jiri profile install nodejs

Optionally, it is possible to use your own install of Node.js if you would like to use a more recent version.


The default make task will install any modules listed in the package.json and build a browser bundle from src/index.js via browserify.


It is possible to have the build happen automatically any time a JavaScript file changes using the watch tool:

watch make

Running locally

Local instances require a blessed syncbase instance. To attain blessings and start syncbase, use:

make syncbase [creds=<creds subdir>] [port=<syncbase port>]

Related target:

make creds [creds=<creds subdir>]

You can similarly run with fresh creds or syncbase data via:

make clean-creds
make clean-syncbase

To run a local dev server use:

make start [port=<port>]

To connect to a syncbase instance other than the default, navigate to:

localhost:<server port>/?syncbase=<syncbase name or port>