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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package internal
type Struct struct {
X,Y int32
type Array2Int [2]int32
// TypeTester methods are listed in alphabetical order, to make it easier to
// test Signature output, which sorts methods alphabetically.
type TypeTester interface {
// Methods to test support for primitive types.
EchoBool(I1 bool) (O1 bool | error)
EchoFloat32(I1 float32) (O1 float32 | error)
EchoFloat64(I1 float64) (O1 float64 | error)
EchoInt32(I1 int32) (O1 int32 | error)
EchoInt64(I1 int64) (O1 int64 | error)
EchoString(I1 string) (O1 string | error)
EchoByte(I1 byte) (O1 byte | error)
EchoUint32(I1 uint32) (O1 uint32 | error)
EchoUint64(I1 uint64) (O1 uint64 | error)
// Methods to test support for composite types.
XEchoArray(I1 Array2Int) (O1 Array2Int | error)
XEchoMap(I1 map[int32]string) (O1 map[int32]string | error)
XEchoSet(I1 set[int32]) (O1 set[int32] | error)
XEchoSlice(I1 []int32) (O1 []int32 | error)
XEchoStruct(I1 Struct) (O1 Struct | error)
// Methods to test support for different number of arguments.
YMultiArg(I1, I2 int32) (O1, O2 int32 | error)
YNoArgs() error
// Methods to test support for streaming.
ZStream(NumStreamItems int32, StreamItem bool) stream<_, bool> error