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// Copyright 2016 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// The following enables go generate to generate the doc.go file.
//go:generate go run $JIRI_ROOT/release/go/src/ . -help
package main
import (
_ ""
var (
nameFlag string
serverNameFlag string
serverNameRootFlag string
serverVersionFlag string
deploymentTemplateFlag string
globalAdminsFlag string
maxInstancesFlag int
maxInstancesPerUserFlag int
diskSizeFlag string
gcloudBinFlag string
kubectlBinFlag string
vkubeBinFlag string
vkubeCfgFlag string
clusterAgentFlag string
blessingSecretFlag string
monitoringKeyFileFlag string
// HTTP flags.
assetsFlag string
httpAddrFlag string
externalURLFlag string
oauthCredsFileFlag string
secureCookiesFlag bool
dashboardGCMMetricFlag string
dashboardGCMProjectFlag string
staticAssetsPrefixFlag string
cmdRoot = &cmdline.Command{
Runner: v23cmd.RunnerFunc(runAllocator),
Name: "allocatord",
Short: "Runs the allocator service",
Long: "Runs the allocator service",
const (
serverNameFlagName = "server-name"
serverNameRootFlagName = "server-name-root"
serverVersionFlagName = "server-version"
oauthCredsFileFlagName = "oauth-client-creds-file"
gcloudFlagName = "gcloud"
kubectlFlagName = "kubectl"
vkubeFlagName = "vkube"
func main() {
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&nameFlag, "name", "", "Name to publish for this service.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&serverNameFlag, serverNameFlagName, "", "Name of the servers to allocate. This name is part of the published names in the Vanadium namespace and the names of the Deployments in Kubernetes.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&serverNameRootFlag, serverNameRootFlagName, "", "Namespace root for allocated servers to use when publishing in the Vanadium namespace. If not set, the namespace root of the allocator server is used.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&serverVersionFlag, serverVersionFlagName, "", "The version of the allocated servers. This value is used in the deployment template expansion.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&deploymentTemplateFlag, "deployment-template", "", "The template for the deployment of the servers to allocate.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&globalAdminsFlag, "global-admins", "", "A comma-separated list of blessing patterns that have access to all the server instances.")
cmdRoot.Flags.IntVar(&maxInstancesFlag, "max-instances", 10, "The maximum total number of server instances to create.")
cmdRoot.Flags.IntVar(&maxInstancesPerUserFlag, "max-instances-per-user", 1, "The maximum number of server instances to create per user.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&diskSizeFlag, "server-disk-size", "50GB", "The size of the persistent disk to allocate with the servers.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&gcloudBinFlag, gcloudFlagName, "gcloud", "The gcloud binary to use.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&kubectlBinFlag, kubectlFlagName, "kubectl", "The kubectl binary to use.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&vkubeBinFlag, vkubeFlagName, "vkube", "The vkube binary to use.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&vkubeCfgFlag, "vkube-cfg", "vkube.cfg", "The vkube.cfg to use.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&clusterAgentFlag, "cluster-agent", "", "The address of the cluster-agent.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&blessingSecretFlag, "blessings-secret-file", "", "If set, this file contains the secret to present to the cluster-agent to get the base blessings for the allocated servers.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&assetsFlag, "assets", "", "If set, the directory containing assets (template definitions, css, javascript files etc.) to use in the web interface. If not set, compiled-in assets will be used instead.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&httpAddrFlag, "http-addr", "", "Address on which the HTTP server listens on. If empty, no HTTP server is started.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&externalURLFlag, "external-url", "", "Public URL for the HTTP server. Must be specified if --http-addr is specified.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&monitoringKeyFileFlag, "monitoring-key-file", "", "The path to the service account's JSON credentials file.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&oauthCredsFileFlag, oauthCredsFileFlagName, "", "JSON-encoded file containing Google Oauth2 client ID and secret (, as well as the HMAC cookie signing key")
cmdRoot.Flags.BoolVar(&secureCookiesFlag, "secure-cookies", true, "Whether to use only secure cookies. Should be true unless running the server without TLS for testing.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&dashboardGCMMetricFlag, "dashboard-gcm-metric", "", "The metric name used to get data from GCM to render dashboard charts.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&dashboardGCMProjectFlag, "dashboard-gcm-project", "", "The project name used to get data from GCM to render dashboard charts.")
cmdRoot.Flags.StringVar(&staticAssetsPrefixFlag, "static-assets-prefix", "", "Host serving the web assets.")
func checkFlags(ctx *context.T, env *cmdline.Env) error {
if nameRoot(ctx) == "" {
return env.UsageErrorf("--%s not specified, and no default namespace root found", serverNameRootFlagName)
for f, b := range map[string]string{gcloudFlagName: gcloudBinFlag, kubectlFlagName: kubectlBinFlag, vkubeFlagName: vkubeBinFlag} {
if _, err := exec.LookPath(b); err != nil {
return env.UsageErrorf("--%s binary %s not found: %v", f, b, err)
return nil
func runAllocator(ctx *context.T, env *cmdline.Env, args []string) error {
if err := checkFlags(ctx, env); err != nil {
return err
var (
baseBlessings security.Blessings
baseBlessingNames []string
if clusterAgentFlag == "" || blessingSecretFlag == "" {
fmt.Fprintln(env.Stderr, "WARNING: Using self-blessed blessings for allocated servers")
const selfName = "allocator"
var err error
if baseBlessings, err = v23.GetPrincipal(ctx).BlessSelf(selfName); err != nil {
return err
baseBlessingNames = []string{selfName}
} else {
secret, err := ioutil.ReadFile(blessingSecretFlag)
if err != nil {
return err
baseBlessings, err = cluster.ClusterAgentClient(clusterAgentFlag).SeekBlessings(ctx, strings.TrimSpace(string(secret)))
if err != nil {
return err
baseBlessingNames = security.BlessingNames(v23.GetPrincipal(ctx), baseBlessings)
ctx, server, err := v23.WithNewServer(
allocator.AllocatorServer(&allocatorImpl{baseBlessings, baseBlessingNames}),
if err != nil {
return err
ah, err := newAssetsHelper(assetsFlag)
if err != nil {
return err
ctx.Infof("Listening on: %v", server.Status().Endpoints)
if httpAddrFlag != "" {
if oauthCredsFileFlag == "" {
return env.UsageErrorf("--%s must be provided", oauthCredsFileFlagName)
oauthCreds, err := clientCredsFromFile(oauthCredsFileFlag)
if err != nil {
return err
cleanup := startHTTP(ctx, httpArgs{
addr: httpAddrFlag,
externalURL: externalURLFlag,
dashboardGCMMetric: dashboardGCMMetricFlag,
dashboardGCMProject: dashboardGCMProjectFlag,
monitoringKeyFile: monitoringKeyFileFlag,
oauthCreds: oauthCreds,
serverName: serverNameFlag,
secureCookies: secureCookiesFlag,
baseBlessings: baseBlessings,
baseBlessingNames: baseBlessingNames,
staticAssetsPrefix: staticAssetsPrefixFlag,
assets: ah,
defer cleanup()
return nil