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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// This file was auto-generated by the vanadium vdl tool.
// Package: manager
package manager
import (
var _ = __VDLInit() // Must be first; see __VDLInit comments for details.
// Error definitions
var (
ErrUnknownProtocol = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} unknown protocol{:3}")
ErrManagerClosed = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} manager is already closed")
ErrAcceptFailed = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} accept failed{:3}")
ErrCacheClosed = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} cache is closed")
ErrConnKilledToFreeResources = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} Connection killed to free resources.")
ErrInvalidProxyResponse = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} Invalid proxy response{:3}")
ErrManagerDialingSelf = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} manager cannot be used to dial itself")
ErrListeningWithNullRid = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} manager cannot listen when created with NullRoutingID")
ErrProxyResponse = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} proxy returned{:3}")
ErrNoBlessingsForPeer = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} no blessings tagged for peer {3}, rejected:{4}{:5}")
ErrConnNotInCache = verror.Register("", verror.NoRetry, "{1:}{2:} connection to {3} not in cache")
// NewErrUnknownProtocol returns an error with the ErrUnknownProtocol ID.
func NewErrUnknownProtocol(ctx *context.T, protocol string) error {
return verror.New(ErrUnknownProtocol, ctx, protocol)
// NewErrManagerClosed returns an error with the ErrManagerClosed ID.
func NewErrManagerClosed(ctx *context.T) error {
return verror.New(ErrManagerClosed, ctx)
// NewErrAcceptFailed returns an error with the ErrAcceptFailed ID.
func NewErrAcceptFailed(ctx *context.T, err error) error {
return verror.New(ErrAcceptFailed, ctx, err)
// NewErrCacheClosed returns an error with the ErrCacheClosed ID.
func NewErrCacheClosed(ctx *context.T) error {
return verror.New(ErrCacheClosed, ctx)
// NewErrConnKilledToFreeResources returns an error with the ErrConnKilledToFreeResources ID.
func NewErrConnKilledToFreeResources(ctx *context.T) error {
return verror.New(ErrConnKilledToFreeResources, ctx)
// NewErrInvalidProxyResponse returns an error with the ErrInvalidProxyResponse ID.
func NewErrInvalidProxyResponse(ctx *context.T, typ string) error {
return verror.New(ErrInvalidProxyResponse, ctx, typ)
// NewErrManagerDialingSelf returns an error with the ErrManagerDialingSelf ID.
func NewErrManagerDialingSelf(ctx *context.T) error {
return verror.New(ErrManagerDialingSelf, ctx)
// NewErrListeningWithNullRid returns an error with the ErrListeningWithNullRid ID.
func NewErrListeningWithNullRid(ctx *context.T) error {
return verror.New(ErrListeningWithNullRid, ctx)
// NewErrProxyResponse returns an error with the ErrProxyResponse ID.
func NewErrProxyResponse(ctx *context.T, msg string) error {
return verror.New(ErrProxyResponse, ctx, msg)
// NewErrNoBlessingsForPeer returns an error with the ErrNoBlessingsForPeer ID.
func NewErrNoBlessingsForPeer(ctx *context.T, peerNames []string, rejected []security.RejectedBlessing, err error) error {
return verror.New(ErrNoBlessingsForPeer, ctx, peerNames, rejected, err)
// NewErrConnNotInCache returns an error with the ErrConnNotInCache ID.
func NewErrConnNotInCache(ctx *context.T, remote string) error {
return verror.New(ErrConnNotInCache, ctx, remote)
var __VDLInitCalled bool
// __VDLInit performs vdl initialization. It is safe to call multiple times.
// If you have an init ordering issue, just insert the following line verbatim
// into your source files in this package, right after the "package foo" clause:
// var _ = __VDLInit()
// The purpose of this function is to ensure that vdl initialization occurs in
// the right order, and very early in the init sequence. In particular, vdl
// registration and package variable initialization needs to occur before
// functions like vdl.TypeOf will work properly.
// This function returns a dummy value, so that it can be used to initialize the
// first var in the file, to take advantage of Go's defined init order.
func __VDLInit() struct{} {
if __VDLInitCalled {
return struct{}{}
__VDLInitCalled = true
// Set error format strings.
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrUnknownProtocol.ID), "{1:}{2:} unknown protocol{:3}")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrManagerClosed.ID), "{1:}{2:} manager is already closed")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrAcceptFailed.ID), "{1:}{2:} accept failed{:3}")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrCacheClosed.ID), "{1:}{2:} cache is closed")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrConnKilledToFreeResources.ID), "{1:}{2:} Connection killed to free resources.")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrInvalidProxyResponse.ID), "{1:}{2:} Invalid proxy response{:3}")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrManagerDialingSelf.ID), "{1:}{2:} manager cannot be used to dial itself")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrListeningWithNullRid.ID), "{1:}{2:} manager cannot listen when created with NullRoutingID")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrProxyResponse.ID), "{1:}{2:} proxy returned{:3}")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrNoBlessingsForPeer.ID), "{1:}{2:} no blessings tagged for peer {3}, rejected:{4}{:5}")
i18n.Cat().SetWithBase(i18n.LangID("en"), i18n.MsgID(ErrConnNotInCache.ID), "{1:}{2:} connection to {3} not in cache")
return struct{}{}