mojo.discovery: start to use profile-v23

Switch jiri test and hence all checked in
references to use jiri profile vs jiri v23-profile.

MultiPart: 4/16

Change-Id: If9cc4f099376711c3adc5070166f5922b36e3f14
diff --git a/example/discovery/Makefile b/example/discovery/Makefile
index b8484e0..ef38241 100644
--- a/example/discovery/Makefile
+++ b/example/discovery/Makefile
@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@
 	VLOG_FLAGS = --v=$(VLOG) --logtostderr=true
-MOJO_DEVTOOLS := $(shell jiri v23-profile env --profiles=mojo --target=arm-android MOJO_DEVTOOLS=)
-MOJO_SHELL := $(shell jiri v23-profile env --profiles=mojo --target=arm-android MOJO_SHELL=)
+MOJO_DEVTOOLS := $(shell jiri profile env --profiles=v23:mojo --target=arm-android MOJO_DEVTOOLS=)
+MOJO_SHELL := $(shell jiri profile env --profiles=v23:mojo --target=arm-android MOJO_SHELL=)
 APP_FLX_FILE := $(PWD)/build/app.flx
 DISCOVERY_MOJO_DIR := $(PWD)/packages/v23discovery/mojo_services/android