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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library discovery;
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:mojo/bindings.dart' as bindings;
import 'gen/dart-gen/mojom/lib/discovery/discovery.mojom.dart';
export 'gen/dart-gen/mojom/lib/discovery/discovery.mojom.dart'
show Service, ScanUpdate, UpdateType;
part 'client_impl.dart';
typedef void ConnectToServiceFunction(String url, bindings.ProxyBase proxy);
abstract class Client {
factory Client(ConnectToServiceFunction cts, String url) {
return new _Client(cts, url);
/// Scan scans services that match the query and returns a scanner handle that
/// includes streams of found and lost services.
/// Scanning will continue until [stop] is called on the [Scanner] handle.
/// For example, the following code waits until finding the first service that matches the
/// query and then stops scanning.
/// Scanner scanner = client.scan('v.InterfaceName = "" AND v.Attrs["a"] = "v"');
/// Service firstFoundService = await scanner.onUpdate.firstWhere((update) => update.updateType == UpdateTypes.found).service;
/// scanner.stop();
/// The query is a WHERE expression of a syncQL query against advertised services, where
/// keys are InstanceIds and values are Services.
/// SyncQL tutorial at:
Future<Scanner> scan(String query);
/// Advertise advertises the [Service] to be discovered by [scan].
/// [visibility] is used to limit the principals that can see the advertisement.
/// An empty or null [visibility] means that there are no restrictions on visibility.
/// Advertising will continue until [stop] is called on the [Advertiser] handle.
/// If service.InstanceId is not specified, a random unique identifier will be
/// assigned to it. Any change to service will not be applied after advertising starts.
/// It is an error to have simultaneously active advertisements for two identical
/// instances (service.InstanceId).
/// For example, the following code advertises a service for 10 seconds.
/// Service service = new Service()
/// ..interfaceName = ''
/// ..attrs = {'a', 'v'};
/// Advertiser advertiser = client.advertise(service);
/// new Timer(const Duration(seconds: 10), () => advertiser.stop());
Future<Advertiser> advertise(Service service,
{List<String> visibility: null});
/// Handle to a scan call.
abstract class Scanner {
/// A stream of [Update] objects as services are found or lost by the scanner.
Stream<ScanUpdate> get onUpdate;
/// Stops scanning.
Future stop();
/// Handle to an advertise call.
abstract class Advertiser {
/// Stops the advertisement.
Future stop();