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// Copyright 2016 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'helper.dart';
import '../mobile/device.dart';
import '../mobile/device_spec.dart';
import '../mobile/key_provider.dart';
import '../mobile/android.dart';
import '../algorithms/coverage.dart';
import '../algorithms/matching.dart';
import '../globals.dart';
import '../runner/mdtest_command.dart';
class AutoCommand extends MDTestCommand {
final String name = 'auto';
final String description
= 'Automatically run applications based on a subset of spec to device '
'settings that maximize the device coverage';
dynamic _specs;
List<Device> _devices;
Future<int> runCore() async {
print('Running "mdtest auto command" ...');
this._specs = await loadSpecs(argResults['specs']);
this._devices = await getDevices();
if (_devices.isEmpty) {
printError('No device found.');
return 1;
List<DeviceSpec> allDeviceSpecs
= await constructAllDeviceSpecs(_specs['devices']);
Map<DeviceSpec, Set<Device>> individualMatches
= findIndividualMatches(allDeviceSpecs, _devices);
List<Map<DeviceSpec, Device>> allDeviceMappings
= findAllMatchingDeviceMappings(allDeviceSpecs, individualMatches);
if(allDeviceMappings.isEmpty) {
printError('No device specs to devices mapping is found.');
return 1;
Map<String, List<Device>> deviceClusters = buildCluster(_devices);
Map<String, List<DeviceSpec>> deviceSpecClusters
= buildCluster(allDeviceSpecs);
ClusterInfo clusterInfo = new ClusterInfo(deviceClusters, deviceSpecClusters);
Map<CoverageMatrix, Map<DeviceSpec, Device>> cov2match
= buildCoverage2MatchMapping(allDeviceMappings, clusterInfo);
Set<Map<DeviceSpec, Device>> chosenMappings
= findMinimumMappings(cov2match, clusterInfo);
List<int> errRounds = [];
int roundNum = 1;
for (Map<DeviceSpec, Device> deviceMapping in chosenMappings) {
MDTestRunner runner = new MDTestRunner();
if (await runner.runAllApps(deviceMapping) != 0) {
printError('Error when running applications');
await uninstallTestedApps(deviceMapping);
await storeMatches(deviceMapping);
if (await runner.runTest(_specs['test-path']) != 0) {
printError('Test execution exit with error.');
await uninstallTestedApps(deviceMapping);
await uninstallTestedApps(deviceMapping);
if (errRounds.isNotEmpty) {
printError('Error in Round #${errRounds.join(", #")}');
return 1;
return 0;
AutoCommand() {