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// Copyright 2016 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'device.dart';
import 'key_provider.dart';
import '../globals.dart';
import '../util.dart';
class DeviceSpec implements GroupKeyProvider {
DeviceSpec(String nickname, { this.specProperties }) {
specProperties['nickname'] = nickname;
Map<String, String> specProperties;
String get nickName => specProperties['nickname'];
String get deviceID => specProperties['device-id'];
String get deviceModelName => specProperties['model-name'];
String get deviceScreenSize => specProperties['screen-size'];
String get appRootPath => specProperties['app-root'];
String get appPath => specProperties['app-path'];
String get observatoryUrl => specProperties['observatory-url'];
void set observatoryUrl(String url) {
specProperties['observatory-url'] = url;
/// Match if property names are not specified or equal to the device property.
/// Checked property names includes: device-id, model-name, screen-size
bool matches(Device device) {
List<String> checkedProperties = [
return checkedProperties.every(
(String propertyName) => isNullOrEqual(propertyName, device)
bool isNullOrEqual(String propertyName, Device device) {
return specProperties[propertyName] == null
specProperties[propertyName] ==[propertyName];
String groupKey() {
return appPath;
String toString() => '<nickname: $nickName, '
'id: $deviceID, '
'model name: $deviceModelName, '
'screen size: $deviceScreenSize, '
'port: $observatoryUrl, '
'app path: $appPath>';
Future<dynamic> loadSpecs(ArgResults argResults) async {
String specsPath = argResults['specs'];
try {
// Read specs file into json format
dynamic newSpecs = JSON.decode(await new File(specsPath).readAsString());
// Get the parent directory of the specs file
String rootPath = new File(specsPath).parent.absolute.path;
// Normalize the 'test-path' specified from the command line argument
List<String> testPathsFromCommandLine
= listFilePathsFromGlobPatterns(Directory.current.path,;
printTrace('Test paths from command line: $testPathsFromCommandLine');
newSpecs['test-paths'] = testPathsFromCommandLine;
// Normalize the 'app-path' in the specs file
newSpecs['devices']?.forEach((String name, Map<String, String> map) {
map['app-path'] = normalizePath(rootPath, map['app-path']);
map['app-root'] = normalizePath(rootPath, map['app-root']);
return newSpecs;
} on FileSystemException {
printError('File $specsPath does not exist.');
} on FormatException {
printError('File $specsPath is not in JSON format.');
} catch (e) {
printError('Unknown Exception details:\n $e');
/// Check if test spec meets the requirements. If user does not specify any
/// valid test paths neither from the test spec nor from the command line,
/// report error. If 'devices' property is not specified, report error. If
/// no device spec is specified, report error. If screen size property is not
/// one of 'small', 'normal', 'large' and 'xlarge', report error. If app-root
/// is not specified or is not a directory, report error. If appPath is not
/// specified or is not a file, report error.
/// Note: If a test path does not exist, it will be ignored and thus does not
/// count as a valid test path. If device nickname is not unique, json decoder
/// will overwrite the previous device spec associated with the same nickname,
/// thus only the last nickname to device spec pair is used.
int sanityCheckSpecs(dynamic spec, String specsPath) {
if (spec['test-paths'].isEmpty) {
'No test paths found. '
'You must specify at least one test path.'
return 1;
dynamic deviceSpecs = spec['devices'];
if (deviceSpecs == null) {
printError('"devices" property is not specified in $specsPath');
return 1;
if (deviceSpecs.isEmpty) {
printError('No device spec is found in $specsPath');
return 1;
for (String nickname in deviceSpecs.keys) {
dynamic individualDeviceSpec = deviceSpecs[nickname];
List<String> screenSizes = <String>['small', 'normal', 'large', 'xlarge'];
if (individualDeviceSpec['screen-size'] != null
!screenSizes.contains(individualDeviceSpec['screen-size'])) {
printError('Screen size must be one of $screenSizes');
return 1;
String appRootPath = individualDeviceSpec['app-root'];
if (appRootPath == null) {
printError('Application root path is not specified.');
return 1;
if (!FileSystemEntity.isDirectorySync(appRootPath)) {
printError('Application root path is not a directory.');
return 1;
String appPath = individualDeviceSpec['app-path'];
if (appPath == null) {
printError('Application path is not specified.');
return 1;
if (!FileSystemEntity.isFileSync(appPath)) {
printError('Application path is not a file.');
return 1;
return 0;
/// Build a list of device specs from mappings loaded from JSON .spec file
Future<List<DeviceSpec>> constructAllDeviceSpecs(dynamic allSpecs) async {
List<DeviceSpec> deviceSpecs = <DeviceSpec>[];
for(String name in allSpecs.keys) {
Map<String, String> spec = allSpecs[name];
new DeviceSpec(
specProperties: spec
return deviceSpecs;